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Whatever the reason behind you starting your search for a new job, we can help support you through the process. Whether you are a seasoned job seeker at director level, or a new graduate putting yourself out there on the job market for the first time, we can introduce you to some outstanding companies. We have excellent relationships with a diverse range of employers who all put a huge emphasis on creating productive, enjoyable, inclusive, working environment for their staff.

As an agency we pride ourselves on the incredibly flexible approach we have when it comes to our candidates, We know it can feel like a full time job looking for a new job, and it’s not always practical or possible for you to drop everything and attend a registration interview in the middle of your working day. We completely embrace the wonders of modern technology and can conduct initial registration discussions over the phone and via Skype or other well-known video chat tools.

We do however still love a good old fashioned meet and greet. We will always aim to be flexible and fit around your working day. This includes us coming to meet you close to your office or home, inside or outside of normal working hours …… and the coffees are on us!


  • Prioritise

    your reason for wanting a new job. Do this by making a list of all the things you want from your new Job. (There’s probably quite a few!) Pick the 3 most important things. Don’t compromise on these. BUT be prepared to be flexible on the rest of the points on your list. This way you don’t end up with an in flexible, unrealistic wish list which is impossible for you to find.

  • Update Your CV

    to include a profile paragraph, the reasons you left your previous roles and make sure your responsibilities are bullet pointed rather than written in lengthy paragraphs.

  • Open Your Mind

    to new possibilities. Refer back to you Priorities list and remember a little compromise is never a bad thing. At first glance a vacancy may not tick all your boxes but when you step outside the box you might be pleasantly surprised at what’s on offer out there.

  • Swot Up

    on your potential new employer before you go along for the interview. Look on their website and social media pages to understand their business objective and their company culture. Research their competitors, look up their managers on LinkedIn. Make a note of the things you like about them, prepare some general questions for the managers you are meeting and ensure you are ready to demonstrate the key skills they are looking for.

  • Be Yourself

    Do NOT go into the interview as the person you think they want to see. Being yourself is the single most important thing you can do. Let a potential employer see your personality beyond your CV so they are able to make a genuine connection with you. Remember that any interview process is not just a one way street . This process is also your opportunity to ask questions, and understand if this job opportunity is right for you.

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